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Molly, 4 years old, Jack Russell Terrier, 2nd in command of the pack. Bertie, 9 years old, Patterdale Terrier, 4th in the pack.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Our first post

Welcome to our little doggy haven away from mam and dad, we are 2 little terriers who rule the pack, (although we let the pack leader think he is in charge lol ) we can get away with murder because we just give a cute look and that usually works.
we will be updating this site with loads of pics of our adventures and much more about our lives, please feel free to drop us a comment at any time.

Bertie & Molly


  1. hi, here i am waiting to see what you post. blogging is fun as you will see.

  2. Will do my best Sandra, a bit new to this so bear with me lol