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Molly, 4 years old, Jack Russell Terrier, 2nd in command of the pack. Bertie, 9 years old, Patterdale Terrier, 4th in the pack.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

ok a bit more about us

we are both rescue dogs and were adopted at different times by mam and dad, Bertie was first and i (Molly) a few years later. we were both found wandering the streets by South Cave Animal Rescue, i had been shown the door by my family, they just threw me out onto the street and i don't know why, after all i was just a pup!
anyway after 2 weeks in the rescue centre along came this dodgy couple, they paused by my kennel so i put my best pose on and tried to look my cutest,  it worked as just a few minutes later i was lead to a holding pen and they were there to greet me, i was very nervous at first but alas i thought they can't be too bad as there was another dog in there with them (Bertie) and he seemed very friendly, still i was unsure so stuck to my handler like glue, gradually i realised that these humans seemed very nice, they were smiling and calling to me in soft soothing tones, Bertie didn't seem bothered at my presence at all so i thought to myself ''at last another friend to play with'' i continued to look my cutest and next thing we all went for a walk along the path, i enjoyed that walk and looked up at my 'hopefully to be' new mam and dad a few times to see if i could tell if they liked me!
i needn't have worried, that same day, in fact only minutes later i was sat on my new dads lap in a car while my new mam drove us home,  how happy was i!

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  1. a great story and one i have completed many times in my life. rescue dogs are The Best and yours are beautiful and sweet.