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Molly, 4 years old, Jack Russell Terrier, 2nd in command of the pack. Bertie, 9 years old, Patterdale Terrier, 4th in the pack.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Oh its been very hot here the last few days.. we love to sit out on the decking but it was far too hot for us.
Mum made us a tent...

We love it.. it keeps us cool when we're out in the garden

Bertie enjoyed is lounge in his bed

And i loved laying on my fluffy cushion

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bertie here

Hello, Bertie here..
I too am a rescue dog and i'm about 9 years old and a Patterdale Terrier and black in colour.
I  was rescued in 2006 by my Mum.. i had been found wandering the streets and had been taken into the rescue centre to wait for my owners to come for me but they never arrived.

I remember a lady wandering in and smiling at me, i liked her as soon as i saw her. I went to live with my new Mum and love her to bits.
I looked after my Mum when she had cancer and i still follow her all over now, just incase she falls or needs me.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

ok a bit more about us

we are both rescue dogs and were adopted at different times by mam and dad, Bertie was first and i (Molly) a few years later. we were both found wandering the streets by South Cave Animal Rescue, i had been shown the door by my family, they just threw me out onto the street and i don't know why, after all i was just a pup!
anyway after 2 weeks in the rescue centre along came this dodgy couple, they paused by my kennel so i put my best pose on and tried to look my cutest,  it worked as just a few minutes later i was lead to a holding pen and they were there to greet me, i was very nervous at first but alas i thought they can't be too bad as there was another dog in there with them (Bertie) and he seemed very friendly, still i was unsure so stuck to my handler like glue, gradually i realised that these humans seemed very nice, they were smiling and calling to me in soft soothing tones, Bertie didn't seem bothered at my presence at all so i thought to myself ''at last another friend to play with'' i continued to look my cutest and next thing we all went for a walk along the path, i enjoyed that walk and looked up at my 'hopefully to be' new mam and dad a few times to see if i could tell if they liked me!
i needn't have worried, that same day, in fact only minutes later i was sat on my new dads lap in a car while my new mam drove us home,  how happy was i!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Our first post

Welcome to our little doggy haven away from mam and dad, we are 2 little terriers who rule the pack, (although we let the pack leader think he is in charge lol ) we can get away with murder because we just give a cute look and that usually works.
we will be updating this site with loads of pics of our adventures and much more about our lives, please feel free to drop us a comment at any time.

Bertie & Molly